Is is necessary to push the balm out above the rim of the tube?

Not for lip balms, you will find when the surface of the balm is flush with the rim of the tube, it is perfect for application and you will not need to consider getting it to go back into the tube. If you do push the balm out too far; Hold the balm and strongly tap the bottom of the tube on a hard surface and the balm will go back in. (You do not need to use the lid to squish the balm back inside. this will make a mess and ruin some of your balm). The body and facial balm you will want to push the balm out slightly (only slightly), above the rim. You can get the balm back inside using the same technique, or you can just put the cap back on without squishing it.

Will the balm leave a mark on my clothing?

With direct contact, most certainly yes. From contact with balmed skin, they might.. Balms are made of oils and beeswax, so if the balm comes into contact with fabric, depending on the degree it can and will leave a residue/mark. (re:VIVe and persons relating have and hold no responsibility should this happen). There are a variety of ways to avoid this, one being: Once applied, rub the balm into your skin. I would recommend doing this, especially when wearing tight fitting clothing, and/or delicate fabrics such as silks. I would not reccommend leaving it in your pocket if your pocket is tight fitting and will be warmed by your body, as the balm can become soft or even melt and leak out.

Will the balms melt?

When exposed to hot enough conditions for long enough, yes they can and will. Don't leave your balm in your car (during hot seasons). Don't leave balm in direct sunlight, (especially during hot seasons). Avoid carrying your balm in your pocket, unless your pocket is free flowing/not tight against your body. etc..

Why cardboard and not plastic tubes?

I have vistited some beaches around the world and have seen and picked up the never ending trash (especially plastic), that is so abundant in the water and washes up on the beaches. Perhaps you have seen this too. It takes thousands of years for plastic to decompose. This is not good for the planet. The global population so quickly continues to multiply and we continue to use plastic. What will become of it all when we just throw it out? It remains and will collect and like us continue to multiply and spread. (please see the giving page). I did not want to be a part of this problem, as well as provide an alternative solution. We have been provided all we need in nature, and if we are good stewards of what we have been given, the solutions are utilised with what we have been given. I don't believe in plastic as we know it, and as best I can, I refuse plastic. Cardboard tubes were my alternative option. Cardboard is biodegradable and recyclable. We do not have to continue cutting down forests, we just need to be responsible in our maintanance and maintaining of our resources.

Why does re:VIVe give?

I am continually learning more of the vast, deep and eternal Love of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit the more I spend time with Him including the many facets of what this Love is, does, looks and sounds like (etc). One thing I have learned is that all I have has been given to me by our Father. He has taught me that giving is one way (maybe the ultimate way), to express gratitude for what we have been given. When we are a good steward with what we have (been given), we are blessed with more, especially things of True value. re:VIVe gives 10% of profits because 10% was the amount that the Lord asks of those who love HIm to give back as a representation of gratitude. I chose Charity:Water and the Ocean CleanUp because I strongly agree with and believe in the importance of their ambitions, and value of what they are doing and the Love and life being shared with others in the giving of their efforts.

TIP 2: Tube handling in:Colour

There is no need to push the balm out beyond the tube's edge. When applying your re:VIVe lip colour, application is easier and more successful, if one keeps the balm/lip colour flush with the edge or rim of the tube. Use the edge of the tube/rim as a guide in lining your lips. then fill in. (This method will also help in preserving the condition of the balm itself). If you desire more intense/concentrated colour, continue to apply lip colour until you achieve the desired colour intensity.

Why re:VIVe?

Skin-beneficial and natural lip and body balms in bio-degradable packaging! re:VIVe was created with the purpose of providing natural, skin beneficial and life-giving (reviving), solutions. I also wanted them to be affordable for people like me, on a budget and/or wise with their money, who are not so willing to pay exhorbitant or overly inflated prices. re:VIVe: regarding life; restore to life; to LIVE!

Are any claims being made?

No. No claims are being made. Balms have not yet been scientifically tested to make any claims. Ingredients which the balms are composed, have been scientifically tested and shown to possess certain qualities described. Please execute wise judgement and keep in mind that every person has been made uniquely and thus responds to anything and everyting uniquely, as well as every situation/condition is unique. If you are concerned, please conduct a skin test and/or consult a doctor before you make any decisions.

Do products expire?

The products vary but on average have a 6 month shelf life, however some can and will last longer. There are a couple of things to keep in mind regarding time and contents: * the tubes are not air tight and textures may change over time and with temperature fluctuations. * some ingredients have longer nutrient potency lives than others, with high potency lasting anywhere from 6 months to 2+ years. * many of the ingredients used have anti-microbial properties, however that does not guarantee them immunity from any and all bacterial growth, especially considering that each product is composed of multiple ingredients, each varying in their anti-microbial strengths.

TIP 1: Applying in:Colour..

After a couple of days without use, the lip colour will harden. Solution: Continue applying, and your lips will begin to heat and soften the colour and it will start to go on smoothly and intensify. (video: applying in:colour) Originally I decided to add an emulsifying ingredient in order to distribute the colour more equally throughout the tube, but in doing so, I discovered that it did not really make much of a difference, so I have decided not to use it at all. That being said, the lip colour intensity might vary throughout. If you desire more colour intensity..continue to apply until you achieve what you desire.

TIP 3: Crystalization..?

Crystalization is the tiny, lighter coloured 'crystals' or 'bumps' which can and does occur with all lipcolour, due to factors such as temperature variances, and ingredient polarity interactions etc. These are harmless and can be easily removed on a tissue.