re:VIVe is Life oriented.  
WATER is essential for life..
who we give to:
 Some people live in areas where the water is scarce and/or contaminated with threatening bacteria. Many put themselves in danger to sacrifice their lives, giving up their time and opportunity to earn an education or earn money, instead to make a dangerous journey just to fetch the necessary water for themselves and their family (everyday!).  Some of their water sources are so polluted that in drinking these waters, many suffer various ailments and even die young.
Enter Scott Harrison

 Having volunteered with Mercy Ships (a crew of doctors, surgeons and nurses who have dedicated their life to travel the globe to help multitudes of people with life threatening ailments), Scott learned that the majority of these life-threatening issues were caused by drinking contaminated water.

For Scott, this was unacceptable. So he decided to do something about it.

 Upon his return to the US in 2001, Scott transformed his 31st birthday, into a fundraising opportunity. Having previously made a successful career in club promoting, Scott threw a party no one would forget. Instead of gifts, each guest gave $31 which was donated to building a clean water well, and thus the birth of Charity:Water!

The goal of Charity:Water is that everyone in the world have access to clean drinking water.100% of donations are used to establish clean water sources in and for remote villages around the globe. In doing so, their quality of life is improving. Life threatening illness, diseases and viruses caused from drinking bad water are significantly decreasing, lives are prolonged, health and strength are improving, children are able to go to school and get an education and adults can go to work to provide and ensure a safer and healthier and more opportune life for themselves and their families!

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We have been given dominion over the earth! 

..unfortunately we have not been responsible or good stewards with this beautiful planet we were provided. As a result of our collective irresponsibility, the waters of the globe have become grossly polluted, so much so that it is disrupting the oceans ecosystems. Even if this did not directly affect us (but all is connected, so it does ), it would still be a destructive injustice to impose on the lives within the seas (not to mention it also destroys the immense beauty).

The situation is only getting worse. Because of a lack of understanding paired with a lack of consideration and/or concern, there are HUGE islands of garbage floating around the oceans! Not only that but also TONS of garbage (especially plastics), washes up on the beaches around the world on a daily basis!










(Because of, and to stop feeding into this horror, re:VIVe balms are housed in biodegradable tubes)

Enter Boyan Slat. 

  While snorkeling on holiday, Boyan (then 16), was appalled to find so much litter polluting the beautiful waters. Again, this was unacceptable for him. For a school assignment he decided to invent a way to clean the great waters, but the project did not end with his grade. Boyan encountered a lot of challenges, barriers and opposition. Being discouraged, but unwilling to relent, Boyan pushed on and many people have joined him in the mission. 

The Ocean CleanUp works to design innovative technology unlike any other with a mission unlike any other. A journey, not without trial and error, in October 2018 the Ocean CleanUp launched their first ocean cleaning contraption.

In constant adaptation and adjustment for optimal performance, in achieving the goal, the Ocean CleanUp team utilizes funding for continuous forward momentum in the project and it’s success to achieve the ultimate goal of cleaning our planet's waters of the rubbish and plastics found within. 


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Ocean CleanUp

* we give in the name of Jesus (Who Loves you dearly)! *

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