Enhance your natural beauty and health of your lips in colour!

The ingredients contain nutrients known to soothe, repair, moisturize and protect your lips!




  • shea butter
  • beeswax
  • sunflower oil
  • pigment
  • peppermint oil


  • Contained in a durable 0.2 ounce/ 6ml push-up tube
  • Conveniently transport in your purse, or even some zip wallets!
  • Earth-friendly, biodegradable packaging!


(Taxes are INCLUDED in your prices)


10% of profits are given to Charity:Water and Ocean CleanUp!


Thank you and enjoy!




* Because I do not use chemical additives, colour pigment consentration varies throughout the tube, and thus intensity on lips will be inconsistent.

If the tube is brand new, and you would like more intense colour, (firmly) continue to apply until intensity deepens.


*Colour appearance can alter based on lip and skin colour, skin's ph level, lighting etc..


* Avoid storing your re:Vive lipcolor in your car, especially during periods of hot weather, the colour can become quite soft and even melt.


* No scientific testing has been made, and no claims are being made..but I think you will appreciate your results!


*Photos were taken in various lighting and settings, including computer settings, will alter the appearance of colors in the photos.


10% of profits are given to Charity:Water (5%) & The Ocean ClleanUp (5%)


Thank you and enjoy!

in:COLOUR #87

$15.00 Regular Price
$13.00Sale Price

    Great for all coloured skin; Ideal for darker coloured skin

    Ideal for evening; 

    • Eye Pairing:
      • mascara + top eyeliner (If desired)
      • natural shadows optional 
    • Clothing Pairing:
      • violets, red, orange, browns, black, gray..

    * Colour will vary based on lip colour, skin colour, skin's current ph level, lighting, etc..

    10% of profits are given to Charity:Water and Ocean CleanUp!

    Thank you and enjoy!