Enhance your natural beauty and health of your lips in colour!

The ingredients contain nutrients known to soothe, repair, moisturize and protect your lips!




  • beeswax
  • apricot kernel oil
  • coconut oil
  • shea butter
  • pigment
  • stearyl alcohol
  • peppermint oil


  • Contained in a durable 0.2 ounce/ 6ml push-up tube
  • Conveniently transport in your purse, or even some zip wallets!
  • Earth-friendly, biodegradable packaging!


* Please note:


*Photos were taken in various lighting settings.

*Computer settings alter the both skin and lip color in the photos.


* Avoid storing your re:Vive lipcolor in your car, especially during periods of hot weather, the colour can become quite soft and even melt.


* No scientific testing has been made, and no claims are being made..but I think you will appreciate your results!


re:vive in:COLOUR #27

  • #27 Wearable Tips:

    • When: Ideal for evening
    • Eye Pairing:
      • by day; mascara 
      • by night, mascara top eyeliner (If desired) deeper shadows in warm browns that match your skin colour family,  highlights lighter skin colour.
    • Clothing Colour Pairing:
      • warm darks, browns, reds, grays to charcoals, white, warm off white/cremes, tans, plumb

    * The colour you see in the tube will not likely be the colour you will see on your lips, as the colour's appearance will depend on skin's colour, skin's tone and skin's ph. 

    * Please keep in mind that the photo's you see are a few samples of how the colour will appear on various skin color's and various lighting settings. However computer settings also alter the true or actual color as well.

    10% of profits are given to Charity:Water and Ocean CleanUp!

    Thank you and enjoy!

  • No returns or refunds will be issued. 

    Please consider this and all factors before you purchase.

    If you something has gone wrong, please contact sharing what has happened and your issue will be taken into consideration and we follow up with you regarding the resolution.

    Thank you for your understanding.